TRE® WEBINAR - Interview with Dr Stephen Porges about the Polyvagal Theory and TRE®

Learn more about the Polyvagal Theory and how it specifically relates to TRE®. Including bonus interview with Dr Robert Scaer, MD, and 90 min of extra material.

Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD, is a Distinguished University Scientist at the Kinsey Institute at Bloomington, Indiana University. Dr. Porges has proposed and developed the Polyvagal Theory. In this webinar, Dr. David Berceli, the creator of TRE®, interviews Dr. Porges about how the Polyvagal Theory and his concept of Social Engagement relates to TRE® and the tremor mechanism.

If you are unfamiliar with the Polyvagal Theory, the webinar also includes extra videos and articles that will help you to better understand the autonomic nervous system from the perspective of the Polyvagal Theory. Simply put, the Polyvagal Theory divides the parasympathetic nervous system into two parts; the dorsal vagal system and the ventral vagal system.

In contrast to the stress responses of the sympathetic nervous system, which are related to mobilization and the fight and flight response, the stress responses of the older and more primitive dorsal vagal system elicits immobilization behaviors and the freeze and faint response, whereas the more evolved ventral vagal system is linked to social engagement, self-soothing and calming behaviors

The webinar consists of a four part interview with Dr. Porges and a "bonus" recording with Dr. Berceli. Furthermore, the webinar also includes several interesting articles about Dr. Porges' work, as well as extra videos that assists in deepening the understanding of the Polyvagal Theory (see below).

PART 1: What Is the Tremor Mechanism and Why Does it Happen? (4:30 min)
PART 2: What Happens in the Brain and the Body When Doing TRE®? (12 min)
PART 3: How Trauma Separates Us From Life and How TRE® Can Assist in Reconnecting and Building Trust (6:30 min)
PART 4: The Importance of "Social Engagement" when Teaching TRE® (3:30 min)

Dr David Berceli on TRE® and the Polyvagal Theory (10:30 min)
Dr David Berceli interviews Dr Robert Scaer, MD, on TRE® and Trauma (23 min)

An Article in Psychology Today
The Polyvagal Perspective by Dr Stephen Porges
Social Engagement and Attachment by Dr Stephen Porges

Lecture given by Dr Stephen Porges (47 min)
The Triune Autonomic Nervous System (28 min)

If you are unfamiliar with TRE®, we recommend you to either seek out a TRE® provider near you or learn TRE® through our introductory TRE® Webinar.

Your Instructor

Dr David Berceli
Dr David Berceli

David Berceli, Ph.D. is an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. He is the creator of Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®). This revolutionary technique is designed to help release the deep tension created in the body during a traumatic experience or through chronic stress. He is also the energetic and creative founder and CEO of Trauma Recovery Services.

Dave has spent two decades living and working in nine countries providing trauma relief workshops and designing recovery programs for international organizations around the world. He has lived and worked extensively in Israel/Palestine, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon. He is fluent in English and Arabic.

David is unique in that he holds a solid academic and experiential grounding in psychotherapy and therapeutic body-work. He integrates that with a keen understanding of the intertwining dynamics of religion and ethnic customs. This combination has allowed him to develop unique and specific processes that enable people from all parts of the world manage and move beyond personal trauma as well as bring healing and reconciliation between diverse groups.

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